November 14, 2017

8 Reasons to Rent a Vacation House for Thanksgiving

One of the best things about this time of year is family. It always feels that as soon as Halloween is over, family get-togethers pop up everywhere on our calendar! As the ultimate family holiday approaches, we want to know – do you know where you’ll be spending Thanksgiving this year? There are plenty of options – you could go to your significant other’s parents, travel home to your own, or have family dinner at your house. All of those options are lovely, but have you considered to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving this year?

Thanksgiving in Asheville is such a warm and beautiful time, despite the winter temperatures. Each year, many families venture to our beloved city to celebrate Thanksgiving. As you decide how to spend this holiday, consider these 8 reasons to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving!

1. There is Plenty of Room for Extended Family. One major reason so many families choose to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving, is that their options for space become much greater! Some families don’t have the space to accommodate the whole family – and no one wants to be left out, of course! Our vacation house accommodates up to 17 people, with private bathrooms and balconies. But the whole family is still able to spend time together in common living areas – something that hotels don’t offer.

2. Everyone is a Guest! Hosting Thanksgiving can be an exhausting duty. From cooking and baking to cleaning and prepping the house for guests sleeping over – being the host can be more work than most people want to take on. By renting a vacation house for Thanksgiving, this duty is lifted as everyone becomes a guest!

3. Personal Chefs Available. Remember when we mentioned how exhausting cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be? Can we also add that the individual in charge of cooking the turkey and all the fixings loses precious time with family? When renting a vacation house for Thanksgiving there is an easy fix to this! Many of our guests hire a private chef to make their stay more relaxing. Of course, hiring a personal chef will be an additional cost – but one that can make your Thanksgiving in Asheville just that much more enjoyable!

4. Fun & Exciting Family Activities in Asheville. One of our favorite things about Asheville, is the variety of outdoor adventures there are to be had! We love all things fall in Asheville: hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the gorgeous fall foliage in Asheville , kayaking on the French Broad, and even simply sitting on the porch of our Victorian Farmhouse enjoying the crisp autumn air. Take a short drive into downtown Asheville and you’ll find something to please every family member! We have delicious local cuisine to satisfy every taste bud, an expanding craft beer scene with tons of amazing brews, and boutiques filled with one of a kind trinkets and gifts so you can start your Christmas shopping! One of the great reasons to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving is that it gives you the opportunity to enjoy time with family in a gorgeous city with activities you may not be able to do at home.

5. Views You Can’t Get Anywhere Else. When you rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving in Asheville, you’re going to be nestled right in one of our countries most beautiful cities! Travel + Leisure has Ashville ranked no. 9 on their list of Top 15 Cities in the United States this year (even though we believe we should be no. 1, of course)!! With a stay at the Carolina Jewel you have a few options. You can take on the great outdoors with family members and hike some of our favorite spots to see fall foliage in Asheville . Or for the more relaxed traveler, you can simply enjoy waking up to the views and sounds of the beautiful meadow and babbling brook just outside your window.

6. Real Beds and Space for Everyone. Sometimes being crammed in mom and dad’s house with the whole family is fun… but when you rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving, you’re able to have plenty of room for everyone – and this includes beds! Nothing is worse than getting stuck sleeping on the deflating air mattress during family weekends. And we certainly don’t want you going home from Thanksgiving with back pain or a stiff neck from poor sleep! When you combine our Victorian Farmhouse and Cottage you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find 7 bedrooms all with their own private bathrooms. If you’re looking for plenty of space for the whole family and beds with dreamy comfort – you’ve found it at the Carolina Jewel!

7. No Need to Clean Your Own House for Thanksgiving. We touched on this brilliant idea above… We know from experience preparing the house alone can be a daunting task when hosting Thanksgiving. All the bathrooms need cleaning, bed sheets need changing, floors need moping, and the silverware needs polishing… The hours you’ll save cleaning, and the time you’ll gain with family is just one of the amazing reasons to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving!

8. Maid Service When You Leave. This may be one of the main reasons to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving! Honestly, how great of a feeling is it to enjoy family time and dinner without worrying about having to do a major clean up after. Each year, Thanksgiving hosts dread that post-holiday clean up – but renting a vacation house is the perfect way to avoid it!

Vacation House for Thanksgiving in Asheville

There truly is no better way to spend Thanksgiving that to do so with family and loved ones. If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday this year, there is no better time to rent a vacation house for Thanksgiving than right now! Reserve the entire Carolina Jewel Estate – The Victorian Farmhouse and Creekside Cottage that together accommodates 17 people!

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