December 18, 2017

Host the Ultimate Corporate Retreat - Vacation Rental Home

Ultimate Corporate Retreat
What are you looking to get out of your next company retreat?

Creativity… Collaboration… Inspiration… Growth?

Think beyond the boardroom and redefine “business casual” with a new approach to your corporate retreat. Balance creativity and team building with a fun and low-pressure environment in a private rental home outside of your home city.

Vacation rentals are fantastic for more than just social events and relaxation! These homes are the ultimate setting for company gatherings and retreats.

According to the Harvard Business Reviews, positive teams are more productive .
And what sounds more positive than a corporate workshop in a setting that promotes team members to open up and truly engage with each other?

If creativity and collaboration are your goals, explore the benefits of hosting your next company retreat in a rental home:

Comfort Breeds Creativity

Rental homes provide the privacy and space you’re looking for without the uber-professional stigma of a traditional hotel or rental space.

A spacious rental home can serve both as lodging and a meeting space. Common areas are turned into comfortable, less formal workplaces. The kitchen can make for the perfect setting for a late-night snack and brainstorming session. The sheer fact that the rental is, in fact, a home can be comforting enough for most.

Added value can be found outside of your rental as well…

Find Inspiration in Non-Traditional Spaces

Take your work outdoors.

Harvard physician Eva M. Selhub and co-author of Your Brain on Nature says, “ a drop of nature is like a drop of morphine to the brain since it stimulates reward neurons in your brain. It turns off the stress response which means you have lower cortisol levels, lower heart rate and blood pressure and improved immune response.”

Finding the perfect location for your retreat allows your team to truly turn off their work-related sensors, which can breed some never before seen creativity.

Take our city of Asheville for example. Hiking anywhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway can provide a serene experience, perfect for digging deep into the creative minds of your colleagues. The waterfalls, panoramic views, and picnic areas all yours for exploring are prime spots for team building.

Click here to explore some of our favorite trails in Asheville.

Entertain and Re-Energize Your Team

If you’ve read this far, it’s clear that you see the benefits of a non-traditional company retreat. By adding a bit of entertainment into the mix, further growth and strengthening of team relationships can occur.

You want to stretch the imagination of your team and re-energize them for the ultimate corporate retreat.

Forget the overused trust falls and mundane wipe boards. Hosting a retreat in a rental home gives you the opportunity to engage with each other like never before. Hire a private chef to teach a collaborative cooking class for dinner or a yoga instructor for a thought-provoking mid-day session.

Once again, step outside of the rental and take advantage of your host city. Engaging in entertaining activities can actually promote not-so-obvious team building… Outdoor ropes courses , kayaking , or even going on a food tour can allow your colleagues to engage with one another in new ways.

Book the Ultimate Corporate Retreat
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