July 12, 2015

Small Town Baseball

Small Town Baseball
There is nowhere better that one can genuinely experience the small town feeling of Americana than at McCormick Field watching the Asheville Tourist* play baseball. First of all, what’s the history of calling our baseball team “Tourists”? People get a kick out of the scoreboard which reads "Visitors" in the guest slot and "Tourists" in the home slot.  In researching the history I found that the earliest Asheville baseball team, circa 1897 was called the “Moonshiners”!

The Asheville Tourists play at McCormick Field which is our hometown treasure. Seating approximately 4,000 fans of multi-generations. It’s a “cool” place to see and be seen if you are a middle-schooler, a young professional, a famer in overalls, a beauty queen or a grandma. And as often as not, you will see all of the above seated in the same section.

My favorite time slot is the 7:05PM time. As the evening comes, the mountain air cools, and the field lights come up. It’s magic. Sitting with your friends, easy conversation, interspersed with the crack of the bat hitting a solid run and enthusiastic cheers is the perfect combination for a summer memory. And, of course what would a baseball game be without hot dogs and popcorn?   Oh, and Thursday is "Thirsty Thursday" with discounted beer.  As an extra special bonus there are fireworks twice a month!

Check the schedule of super special events and home games at the Asheville Tourist web site.

*The Asheville Tourists are a minor league baseball team based in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. They play in the Class A South Atlantic League and have been a farm team of the Colorado Rockies since 1994.